we design future
a design-oriented integrated solution agency


As an integrated solution agency, we were established in 2012 to provide solutions on consultancy, events and digital product needs of our business partners and produce tailor-made projects. We keep growing with our values and put them in the heart of our works. We get results of our success stories in every field and increase our motivation.
We are connected with our clients and business partners.
We carried hundreds of products and services out on business design, experience design and interactive fields with our tens of customers since 2012. What drives and makes us stronger are our curiosity and innovative, human-oriented solutions that we present to our business partners.
We allow the freedom of success to ourselves and each other, proud of our work.
We trust each other, act explicitly, don’t run away from difficulties and utilize the opportunities that they present us. We are getting rid of bureaucracy with agile management approach, pump the team-spirit up. We are proud of our projects and the obstacles that we eliminated during processes.
We are trying to reach the best.
We are off the chains, never stop learning and develop ourselves. Our goal is to march on the best. We expanded our service areas by getting into an international partnership with Moodley Design Group on November 2019 to reflect the information’s surrounding power to our clients and business partners.
We value each other.
In a working environment where cultural diversity and individual differences of employees are respected, we have adopted the name of this place as “Manastır”, which are the places that information is shared and the meeting point of those who desire better.
We are now ready to spread the information, which is the keystone of sustainable development, globally by “beyond the line” projects on design, brand identity and industrial design areas as well as business design, experience design and interactive fields as Manastır Event, Tech, and Design Inc (part of moodley design group).